While many are starting to put down the double cup for a healthier lifestyle, Young Thug seems to be innovating new ways to consume the prescription drug. The "Relationship" rapper posted a picture earlier with what seemed to be a lean IV.

Young Thug posted a picture on his Instagram story with his arm and an IV. However, the alarming part was the caption that came with it. The rapper's photo said, "Fuck a double cup I wanna feel it faster," while you could visibly see his arm is connected to an IV. Nobody is exactly sure if he's actually injecting himself with IV considering back in a 2016 interview, he revealed that he gets his regular vitamins injected by his doctor so there's a chance that's where he was at the time of the picture. 

While there's a good chance he's trolling, the fact that it's something he's endorsing right now is troubling for many. A lot of rappers and celebrities in general have been condemning the use of Xans and lean, especially after the death of Lil Peep.

It's interesting because earlier this week, Famous Dex, who's also a rapper who's been open about his lean use, announced that he's finished with using the drug after a recent health scare that landed him in the hospital. On top of that, he also told his fans that use the drug to stop sipping codeine for their own health benefit. However, he isn't opposed to smoking copious amounts of kush.

Check out the photo below.