It appears Young Thug is the latest rapper to come to the defense of his good friend 21 Savage. If you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the past 24 hours, then you might’ve missed the news that 21 was arrested on Sunday by ICE for possibly being an illegal citizen. His lawyers, family & friends are saying its one big misleading story, while he’s adding that ICE is trying to intimidate him to leave the country. ICE is saying 21 came to the US as a child on a Visa, which expired years ago, and has been living as an illegal citizen ever since.

Despite the shock & confusion of the story, the “Bank Account” rapper has been getting a lot of support from his peers in hip-hop particularly rappers in Atlanta like Offset, Quavo, Gucci Mane, and now Young Thug as well. Thugger jumped on IG Monday afternoon and shared some words of encouragement to his close friend. “Don’t worry u covered my luv,” Thugger wrote while sharing a photo of himself and 21.

What Thugger means by “don’t worry u covered” is anyone’s guess, but ending it with the sensual “my love” had his comment section LIT. One person wrote “Man U gay,” while many others questioned his “My luv” comment.

Nevertheless, Thugger is trying to offer some encouragement to his homie. Check out the post (below) and we’ll continue to keep you posted on 21’s story moving forward.