If Thugger hadn't stirred up enough drama by naming his debut album Carter 6, before Lil Wayne's Carter 5 has even seen a release date, he continued to cause controversy by posing nude on the album cover, and laying out the album's title in phallic formation over... well, you know where. 

Complex tracked down the Carter 6 photographer, Sandy Kim, and asked her about the provocative photo shoot. Apparently, Young Thug wasn't the only one without clothes. Kim, a fan of Thugga's boundary-pushing style and music, wanted to go all out for Thug's debut album, and asked the Atlanta rapper if he was willing to pose naked. 

Thug's initial response: "Fuck no, I'm not getting naked, you get naked!" As Kim says, "Artists should totally be down to commit to the vision they're asking for," so she agreed, they both stripped down, and got on with the shoot. 

Young Thug is one-of-a-kind, and his debut album promises to be just that.

What do you think of the controversial album cover? 

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