Jeffery has hit a new milestone. While he might be in the midst of a little real-estate trouble, the talented Beautiful Thugger Girls scribe has earned himself his first Number One on the Billboard charts with "Havana." Granted, he had an assist from Camila Cabello, but Thugger's contributions were definitely valued. The news was revealed in an "early release" video, which previews the countdown for the week of January 28th. The track moved from number two into the coveted first place, dethroning Ed Sheeran's romantic ballad "Perfect." 

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The track originally dropped on August 3, 2017, as a single from Cabello's upcoming Camila album. The Frank Dukes produced track featured Thug like we've never seen him before, adapting to the mainstream with a superstar's confidence. It didn't hurt that the track's video was equally hilarious, charming, and seductive; it wasn't long before the single soon became one of the biggest radio hits of the year. Camila Cabello even performed it during Dick Clark's New Year's Eve special, albeit sans Young Thug.

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Congratulations to Young Thug for landing his first number one single, and here's hoping that Jeffery can continue to find mainstream success. He's clearly one of the game's most versatile artists, and now he's proven that the mainstream public at large are feeling the slime. Perhaps we'll begin seeing Thugger popping up on more radio singles. Although, it is a little crazy that Thug and Wyclef Jean's "Kanye West" was never a number one hit...