When it was first announced that Young Thug and J. Cole were uniting to craft Thugger's upcoming album, many hip-hop fans were pleasantly surprised. Though cut from two stylistically disparate cloths, it was acknowledged that Cole's budding role as an executive producer could only benefit from working with the eclectic and creative Jeffery. Now, the first look at their upcoming handiwork has surfaced, by way of the T-Minus and Travis Scott assisted "The London." Originally teased during a cryptic and mysterious live stream, Thug's new single has come to herald the arrival of his upcoming Gold Mouf Dog album, which will be arriving in forty-six days, as per this countdown

With over one million views in fewer than twenty-four hours, the sheer star power behind "The London" may very well highlight a simple truth: Gold Mouf Dog could be Young Thug's commercial breakout, especially given the Dreamville powerhouse now behind him. That's not to say Thugger hasn't fared commercially well, but he's never seen the numbers to quite match his uniquely brilliant talent. Hopefully, "The London" will wake people up to his movement, and we'll start seeing Thugger atop the charts where he belongs.

But how do the fans feel about the track itself? As of today, our users have voted this one to be VERY HOTTTT with a respective 90%, though some of the commenters remain divided about the quality itself. Some have taken issue with the creative direction, while others have singled out Thug's divisive vocals as a detracting point. What do you think about the track overall? Given the low-key vibe, perhaps it will take on a new life in the greater context of Gold Mouf Dog's arrangement. 

Yet others were more open-minded in their appreciation of "The London," despite the fact that Thugger's cadence consistently emerged as a talking point. I suppose it's a symptom of having three vastly different styles converging on a single track; each fanbase will hope for peak form, judging based on individual merit in lieu of the song as a whole.