There have been many rumors as to where Young Thug is going to sign, some instigated by the rapper himself. However, apparently Young Thug has no one to sign to, as of yet, as he's still reportedly signed to Atlantic and 1017 Brick Squad

This revelation comes as pretty baffling, especially given the claims that Young Thug made. He claimed to have signed to Cash Money before Birdman debunked it as rumor and he's mulled over where he would like to go during interviews, on the record. 

Curiously enough though, when Young Thug's "Stoner," cropped up on the Billboard, Atlantic gave in a request to properly credit the song as belonging to them. Also, they confirmed with Complex that Gucci Mane's imrint, 1017 Brick Squad still belonged to Atlantic despite them having allegedly dropped Gucci back in September.

Atlantic seems to think Young Thug is very much still signed with them, but Young Thug apparently is not under the same impression. So what do you think is exactly going on here?