Both Young Thug and Donald Glover are two staples of Atlanta. While Thug's helped reinvigorate the soundscape of trap music and hip hop in general, Donald Glover's creative force has put an even bigger spotlight with his FX show about the city as well as his musical endeavours as Childish Gambino. There's no doubt that the two would make great collaborators. While it never seemed to be the most expected, a joint effort from the two is possibly in the works. 

Young Thug took to Instagram to share a picture of himself and Donald Glover. While that could mean anything, the caption read, "Watch this..." so the possibilities that they're in the lab together is likely. However, it's unsure when exactly that'll drop, but we're definitely here for it whenever they decide to unleash that. Who knows what it will sound like. Both Thug and Gambino have a penchant for pushing boundaries with their music. 

Gambino recently said that his next album will his last and it'll be interesting to hear what musical direction he embarks on. Awaken, My Love! caught many people by surprise in the best way possible. It was unlike anything we've ever heard from Gambino and truth be told, it would be hella interesting if he ended up getting Thug on one of those track as well.