The bad blood between Young Thug and Sauce Walka has been boiling over, especially in recent weeks. Earlier this month, Sauce Walka set his sights on Thugger, with the heart of his issue stemming from Thug's uncredited use of "Slime." Stickler for authenticity that he is, Walka's anti-Slime rant found Thug taking offense, prompting Walka to clap back with a resounding: "NO MAN IN A DRESS CAN FADE ME." From that moment onward, the tension between both parties escalated. Not long ago, Thugger posted a video of himself throwing hands, which prompted further ridicule from Walka

Now, a recent video (and the alliance formed within) has served to muddy the waters. After 2 Chainz teamed with Versace to launch the "2 Chain Reaction" sneaker, Sauce Walka went and copped a pair, taking to IG to document his love of the design. "Shout out to muthafuc*in Versace and 2 Chainz for making these bad-ass muthafuc*in shoes," says Walka, in the clip. 2 Chainz took to his own Instagram to return the favor, penning a thoughtful message of respect to the Houston rapper. "Ain’t never met @sauce_walka102 but I wanna tell you I appreciate you my n**g!" he writes. "Thnx for showing luv !!! You did something a lot of people won’t do !!! Keep on dripping splashing saucing all that shit killa."

Given that Sauce Walka and Young Thug are currently embroiled in a feud, the public declaration of mutual respect didn't sit well with Jeffery. Thugger slid into the comment section to dole out a pair of L's: one to Sauce Walka, and another to his former collaborator 2 Chainz, with whom he recently linked on "High Top Versace."

"When a n***a have a problem with a n***a from your side u shouldn't ever get in the middle of it dog," writes Thug. "Real L...but I understand that dubs fuck with each other and don't think about n***as situations, and tend think hoe shit is cool....some n***as be thinking hoe shit is cool....some n***as be thinking hoe shit is real shit. Fuck outta here."

Image via IG

As it stands, Thugger appears deadset on burning bridges in the name of his cause. 2 Chainz has yet to take notice of Thugger's scorn, though it's likely that Tity Boi will remain neutral in this feud, given his wizened OG nature. Sauce Walka, on the other hand, will likely use the opportunity to fire back at Thug, prompting yet another level to this already bubbling feud. Hopefully, this one can stay reserved to IG, or at the very most, the booth. Was 2 Chainz outta line for co-signing Sauce Walka in the midst of his Young Thug beef? Perhaps all three parties can find common ground over their shared love of Versace.