Young Thug has always been one of the busiest men in music as he is constantly featured on some of the biggest albums in the rap world, all while making music of his own and running a fashion imprint. Fans are always clamoring for some new music from the Atlanta artist and over the past few months, he has been teasing fans with Slime Language 2 and Punk rumors. Of course, Punk is his upcoming solo album while SL2 would be a compilation with other YSL artists.

Today, we reported that Young Thug wiped his Instagram clean, which led to even more speculation about his future releases. Just a few hours ago, Thug added some context to his actions as he joined T.I. and Benny The Butcher on the "ExpediTIously Podcast." In the clip below, Thug explains that Slime Language 2 and Punk are on the way, although he has plenty more music coming down the pipeline.

"I'm doing the Slime Language 2 album. I'm putting that shit out and then I'm putting out my album Punk," Young Thug said. "I might put out two albums though. Sometimes the relationship will get old. I just want to start a new relationship with my label."

While Thug didn't give exact dates, it's clear that new music is coming soon, which is something fans should be very excited about. In the meantime, you can check out the full T.I. x Benny The Butcher x Young Thug interview, below.