During the 2018 All Star Game Press Conference run, Damian Lillard was asked about his musical preferences. Damian aka Dame D.O.L.LA. is high time considered one of the best "vocational" rappers in the NBA. The old adage of jocks being limited to their sporting regimen seems to have its exceptions, especially now that rappers are consorting with ballers and vice versa.

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Damian began to list his favorite rapper/influencers, saving Thugger for last, while arguing his relevance.

"I think somebody that people sleep on is Young Thug -- They think he's just saying a whole bunch of nothing but.. Young Thug is talented"

The argument against Young Thug is hard to reason with. The exaggerated notion of spectators not following the trajectory of a basketball during a televised broadcast seems like a fitting comparison. 

It's hard to believe that at this point in his career, Thugger still has a chip on his shoulder. Well I guess he sees a lot of himself in the continuously underrated Trailblazers Point Guard.