Young Thug has been out of jail for only a week now, but already he wishes he was back behind bars. The ATL rapper took to his IG story yesterday and made a rather disturbing comment about flirting with depression and wishing he was behind bars.

Thugger appears to call out his homies and friends who apparently weren’t loyal to him while he was gone. “Y’all ni**as and h*es don’t know what loyalty mean,” he wrote. “F**k around and send a ni**a into depression.” Later, Thugger added that he wished he was still in jail, “I wish I was still in jail,” he added.

Now there’s no other information as for what happened that tested their loyalty or what Thugger is referring to here, but he’s apparently battling some deeper emotions. Maybe it could stem from his legal woes or maybe its loyalty amongst family & friends, but hopefully Thugger can get help and try to fix whatever mental demons or issues he’s dealing with at the moment.

This isn’t the first time Thugger has admitted to battling with depression either. Just last month, the Barter rapper addressed his mental health, saying he was “at war with depression."

Check out his comments (below) and we’ll continue to keep you posted moving forward.