Ever since Meek's release from prison, he's become an advocate for change in the justice system. The rapper's been on probation for eleven years but today, he received some good news. After a lengthy fight, he announced that he was granted a new trial and as of now, he's off of probation. This is huge for Meek. He's been on probation for the entirety of his adult life.

Earlier today, Young Thug celebrated Meek's victory and reminded everyone that Nipsey's spirit is still alive and well today. Thugger shared a photo of Meek on his Instagram with the caption, "I KNOW FOR A FACT NIPSEY MADE THIS HAPPEN." Nipsey was a close friend of both Thugger and Meek and we're sure that Nip would be celebrating alongside the two if he were still with us today.


Despite being granted a new trial, it seems like Meek might not even have to deal with the case moving forward. According to TMZ who spoke to Meek's lawyer, there is a good chance prosecutors won't refile the case against Meek. There are a few reasons behind this stem from the recent discoveries in the case such as Judge Brinkley's treatment towards Meek as well as the fact that the main witness in the case turned out to be a dirty cop.