Young Thug has had some fantastic press appearance while overseas in France. In September, he had an in-depth interview, the sort he's never given in the U.S., with the online magazine Clique, and last month, he dropped a rare live freestyle on the Parisian radio show "Good Morning Cefran."

His latest video interview, for the web series "Mon Entourage," was recorded during the same tour stop, a day after Thug performed at Le Bataclan (Nov. 10). Three nights later, during an Eagles of Death Metal concert, the venue was the site of a terrorist attack that killed 89 people. 

While speaking to "Mon Entourage," Thug explained why he doesn't do many interviews -- "cause some people are not honest," and how, as he's become famous, he finds the only way he can express himself is through his music. He also compared his work ethic to Gucci Mane, who would go to the studio every day, even when there were warrants out for his arrest. 

He went on to discuss his dream of working with two Hall of Famers, both whom happen to be fans of his music: Kanye West and Andre 3000

When asked about what kind of music he's got in the stash, Thug confirmed that he plans to release a collaborative tape with MigosMigos Thuggin, which was originally set for release on Halloween, as well as one with Fetty Wap, perhaps titled ThuggaWapp, which he hinted at a few days ago. He also revealed one more collaborative project for the first time -- with "White Iverson" rapper Post Malone

Thug went on to affirm that each tape is basically finished, except for a few songs on one of the three projects. 

That's a lot to fathom, so we'll take each of the joint tapes one at a time. And that doesn't even include Hi-Tunes, his debut album. Is Slime Season ever gonna end?