Young Thug's feud with YFN Lucci won't be coming to an end anytime soon. The two have been going at it for a minute now, and their feud was reignited earlier this year after Thug made some comments on Instagram Live. While things have been quiet for a few weeks between them, Thugger took to Instagram to poke at Lucci for being a "poor bitch."

dancer at V-Live in Atlanta took to Instagram to throw some jabs at YFN Lucci for allegedly not coughing up enough loot at the strip club. She took to her Instagram Story and shared a video of a small pile of money on the stage with the caption, "Lucci came. Idk why."

"When everybody get fifteen dollars a piece," she said. "This how Lucci pull up."

Young Thug caught wind of the video and took to Instagram to add his own commentary to it. "Poor bitch," he said before he begins laughing.

Last month, Thug said that he'd "slap" YFN Lucci which prompted a back and forth between the two. Lucci said that Thug won't slap anybody before posting another video on his Instagram, tagging Thug's girlfriend, Jerrika Karlae, and writing, "Ya husband ain't nun."

YFN Lucci has yet to respond to Young Thug or the dancer's video but we'll keep you posted if he does.