Young Thug, AKA Sex, AKA Jeffery, made headlines earlier this week for his outlandish name change and we're unsure if the rapper is trolling us or not. For the purpose of this article, we will refer to the Atlanta rapper by his former name: Young Thug. Unfortunately for the artist's Aussie fans, Thugger will not be making an appearance as scheduled at the Sydney City Limits festival as he was unable to secure a visa in time. He has also been forced to cancel his joint show with Future and a solo performance in Melbourne.

The news is discouraging since this is not the first time Thug has canceled shows in Australia. He was due to perform at the Laneway Festival last year before he was pulled off of the line-up. His spot at the Sydney Limits Festival will be filled with local talent as Future, Justice, and Beck are still set to perform at the fest. A partial refund will be issued to those who purchased tickets to the Super Slimey joint concert since Future will still be performing and automatic refunds have been given for the Thug solo shows. 

After the second string of cancellations in the same amount of years, Thugger will probably need to make it up to his fans down under in order for them to forgive him for the several snafus.