It appears Young Thug has quite a bit of admiration for Brooklyn rapper Casanova. On Monday night, the ATL rapper decided to give Cas some nice praise and call him the “new Hov.”

Thugger jumped in the comments of Cas’ latest IG post, which shows him & some Bloods standing up to a gang of crips, while leaving the caption, “IM WIT MY GANG 🔴YOU WIT YOUR GANG🔵 NIGGA WHAT WE DOINNNNNNGGGG‼️.” Thugger then jumped in the comments and left one of his questionable phrases… “U the new Hov my luv.”

Why Thug decided to show Casanova the love is anyone’s guess, but one would think it has something to do with the picture and the work Cas has been doing to improve the streets & better people’s lives. Real recognize real I guess, and Thugger wanted Cas to hear it from him.

Check out Thugger’s comment (below) and let us know what you think. Is it weird he calls him “my luv”? (While you’re at it, be sure to peep our brand new interview with Casanova right here too.)