Last year, we saw Young Thug buy his sister a brand new car for her birthday, and he's now done so for another important woman in his life. Jerrika Karlae, Thug's fiancee, celebrated her 24th birthday on September 18th, and according to a new Instagram post, she was gifted a brand new Range Rover complete with a shiny red bow. 

"SPORTYY 🤳🏾⛹🏽‍♀️💕 💅🏾 @thuggerthugger1 this how you feeling ?? 😜 #goat #ilovehim #BLESSED #paidfor #aintnonotebih #MINE," she wrote On Instagram Wednesday, indicating that the flashy SUV has been paid in full by her husband-to-be.

Young Thug publicly wished Karlae a happy birthday in his own unique way on Twitter. "Happy birthday to the love of my life, one of the best girls in the world to me," he wrote. "I hope u live ten times longer then everybody on earth!!"

Jerrika then replied with her own loving message to the rapper. "Thank you so much for making all of my birthdays so special," she said. "lI love you foreverrrrrrrrrrr."

Young Thugteased a project that could have something to do with Karlae in July, writing "Her mixtape this week." While a project never surfaced, speculation arose regarding whether this was the tape that Thug had previously spoken about in 2015. "You guys should look out for this album," he said. "I’m making a whole album about [Jerrika]. It’s gonna be perfect."

In that same interview, Karlae spoke of the couple's connection. "Everything he said was perfect,” she said. "He completely swept me off of my feet. That’s what people don’t know. He’s a charmer, especially with women. He will sweep you off of your feet with his words."

Thug released his Beautiful Thugger Girls project in June. In July, his regular collaborator Wheezy announced that the two were working on Barter 7, the sequel to Thug's 2015 album Barter 6.