Young Thug is one of the most important artists of our generation. Not only in hip-hop, but in popular culture as a whole. He shifted the sounds in music along with fashion. So, it should come as no surprise that one particular visual artist has teamed up with the Slimey one for a special exhibit at Miami's Art Basel.

Netherlands-based artist, Hajar Benjida, has teamed up with Young Thug for an upcoming exhibit at Art Basel titled, "Young Thug As Paintings." The exhibit showcases Young Thug juxtaposed with some of the most esteemed works of art in history. Benjinda's upcoming exhibit with Thug originally started as a school project. The artist wanted to pay homage to the ATLien's cultural impact. Benjida's been exploring the similarities between Young Thug and fine art through his Instagram page, @YoungThugAsPaintings. 

"I jokingly answered an interview question with "I hope to discuss renaissance paintings with Thug someday." 1.5 years later and I’m bringing my project to life together with Young Thug himself," stated Benjida.

Co-sponsored by Young Stoner Life Records and 300 Entertainment, the exhibit will be available for viewing from December 4th to the 9th at the 18th Annual SCOPE Miami Beach Art Fair. You could purchase tickets here.

"Young Thug is one of the most profound artists of this generation and we're going to continue to celebrate him in the most innovative ways," Rayna Bass, Head of Cultural Marketing at 300 Entertainment. "Hajar Benjida's display of Thug's influence through art disruption is incredible. This is also a celebration of Hajar's talent and her appreciation of the culture."