Much of hip-hop is built on competition. Who is the best rapper in the game? Who has the coolest chains? The most original flows? Friendly competition is fully encouraged in this art form. How else are you expected to perform at your highest? Even when things escalate to create a new beef, when things are kept on wax, we receive some of the most memorable moments in hip-hop history. Just look at the impact Eminem's "Killshot" has had so far. The track debuted at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100, which is the highest ever for a diss record. Rappers just love to one-up each other. While he may be new to the game, Lil Baby has had a huge year, landing a Drake feature and generally just getting his money up. He decided to go head-to-head with his mentor, Young Thug, to decide once and for all who has the sickest whip.

In this edition, we have Thug's Lambo Aventador going up against Baby's flashy blue truck. Depending on your taste in vehicles, you'll lean one way or the other but both Thugger and Lil Baby have some pretty cool cars. The footage was captured on the "Yes Indeed" rapper's Instagram story as he showed off a stack of money before hopping in the car.

Lil Baby is sitting on some magic as a collaborative project with Gunna is set to release soon. Drip Harder was expected to arrive this month and considering there's still a few days left before September ends, we're crossing our fingers that they're on schedule.