French Montana claimed during a recent interview that he had more hits than Kendrick Lamar and, although he did not mean to kick off anything with those remarks, he drew the ire of a certain Young Thug.

The Atlanta rapper jumped in last night in an attempt to snap French Montana back to reality, insisting that the Bronx native would have no chance against Kendrick. That started a heated battle of words between the two, which eventually got Gunna and Wheezy involved.

Young Thug French Montana
Prince Williams/Getty Images

French Montana truly believes that he has the hits to face off against somebody like Kendrick Lamar and, while he may not be all the way offbase, the claim is still pretty blasphemous for some hip-hop fans. Upon understanding what he meant by the comment, you will realize that there is absolutely no shade being thrown. He even says that Kendrick Lamar has him beat in literally every other category. However, social media was still pretty disturbed about the Kendrick remark and the ensuing feud with Young Thug.

Already, people have crowned Young Thug the winner in this battle, with plenty of fighting words being thrown in French's direction.

Regardless of how you feel about French, you've got to hand it to him. He's definitely got some bangers. Can he hang with Kendrick or Thug though?