Young Sam - Stop Actin

  August 25, 2014 18:40
Stop Actin
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On his new song, Young Sam kindly asks you to "Stop Actin."

The hashtags accompanying Young Sam's newest track, "Stop Actin," on SoundCloud offer a pretty good idea what this song is about and/or meant for. Along with the track and artist's name, we've got #Twerking Song, #Twerk Song, #Ratchet, #Thot and #Dance, pointing towards the song's premise of telling girls to stop acting dignified and start taking "cumshots on her glasses."

Disko Boogie produced this one, and his jerky, guitar-led production is the only thing that doesn't scream "ratchet" on this track. Instead of a streamlined, Mustard-style thumper, he crafts something that's more noisy, chaotic and classic-sounding. As Shakespeare once wrote, a ratchet by any other name would sound as sweet.

Quotable Lyrics:

Stop actin' stuck up when I know you're with it
I'm a team player, fuck then let the homies hit it
She make the nut disappear like magic
She a bookworm, getting cumshots on her glasses

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