The details surrounding 21 Savage and Young Nudy's arrest last night are still scarce. Whatever details have emerged may be painting an inaccurate picture. DJ BJ, Young Nudy's DJ and an associate of 21 Savage, took to Twitter last night to dispute some of the "facts" that have surfaced pertaining to ICE's detainment of 21 Savage.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

According to reports, 21 Savage and Young Nudy were in the same car when they were arrested in what's been described as a "targeted operation." However, DJ BJ refuted those claims along with reports that said the Atlanta Police Department were the ones who originally arrested the rapper.

"Fake news. Savage and Nudy won't even in the same car. Don't let media lie to y'all." 

He continued to urge the media to do a better job at fact-checking their reports, writing, "Again. Savage and Nudy were in separate cars...and it wasn't even APD. Y'all doing some horrible reporting and investigating."

Farley later reported that a spokesperson for ICE "unequivocally denied" a quote claiming that Savage's public persona is "false." The spokesperson added, "that's 100% people twisting his words." 

21 Savage's arrest came a few days after he performed in Atlanta for Bud Light's Super Bowl Music Fest in Atlanta. We'll keep you posted on details surrounding 21 Savage and Young Nudy's situation.