UPDATE: Nudy's team confirmed that the lyric in question was reportedly misinterpreted by fans on social media, stirring up drama when in fact, Young Nudy actually says "gonna" as in "going to."

Young Nudy's Anyways album is only a few hours old, but many have already picked up on a sneaky Gunna diss. The line arrives on the project's third song "Blue Cheese Salad," hidden in the middle of a dexterous rhyme scheme. "N***a wanna kill bout a bitch, Nah n***a I don't want her, yeah," he raps, around the 1:45 minute mark. "And I'm real 'bout this shit, n***a, nah n***a, I ain't Gunna, yeah." 

Young Nudy Gunna Diss

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

It's unclear as to what provoked Nudy to fire unprovoked shots at Gunna, but it stands to reason that a recently surfaced "Crime Stoppers" video might have been one of the primary catalysts. In case you missed it, the clip arrived in December and found a young Sergio "Gunna" Kitchens speaking about the perception of a snitch --- more specifically how the unwillingness to break the street code led to his cousin being wrongfully charged. Suffice it to say, the clip was not exactly met with open arms by the hip-hop community.

That's not to say Nudy's quick shot is a direct response to Gunna's "exposure," but given his own dedication to adhering to street codes, it wouldn't be a surprise. Affable though he may be, it's important to remember that Young Nudy is not known for playing around. One has to wonder if his cousin 21 Savage will have to mediate this one, lest it begin to escalate. Check out the song below, and go support Young Nudy's Anyways right here