Young M.A is one of the most original hip-hop stars in the entire world. She's loved across the nation for her "IDGAF" attitude and for the last few years, she's been one of the most popular female rappers in the game. This year, her name was in the news because of Kodak Black's disrespectful comments about her, shooting his shot and then calling her out. M.A manages to always get with some of the finest women but sometimes, she loses her footing and ends up catching an L. That happened last week when the artist was performing at one of her shows, stepping back and tripping on some stage equipment.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

It happens to the best performers. Even Beyoncé has gotten her hair got inside of a fan before while singing her heart out. Young M.A fell victim to some misplaced stage equipment when she was walking away from the edge of the stage, getting caught on a speaker and tumbling to the floor. Rarely does somebody fall so gracefully. She lost her footing, fell flat on her behind and smiled hugely before a security guard helped her back up. She brushed the entire situation off too, going right back to the performance afterwards.

Big ups to Young M.A for keeping her composure. She might want to keep a pair of eyes in the back of her head though in case she encounters some more oddly-positioned speakers in the future. Take a look at the video below.