Ever since stepping into the game, Young M.A has been very open about her sexuality. Although she's had to deal with unwarranted commentary by Internet folk, she hasn't allowed it to get to her. However, she recently faced some trolls on Instagram after she posted a picture of herself dancing and people speculated that she had a strap-on underneath her shorts. She recently took to Instagram to dispel the rumors and clap back at the trolls.

Young M.A's calling out the "fake news" after Instagram trolls claimed that she was wearing a strap-on underneath her shorts. The "PettyWap" rapper said that people were confusing whatever was in her pocket at the time for a strap-on. She went on to call out the men who were commenting and criticizing her in the first place.

"No, I do not have no fuckin' strap-on. I had something in my pocket. Y'all dead be reaching, boi." She said, "I don't understand like men be tight but why ya'll even worried about it? Even if I did, that say a lot about y'all. Ain't no real n*gga gon' pay that any mind." 

She added, "If I do have my shit on, dummy, it's for a girl. Fuck is you even worried about it for?"

Aside from her recent rant, Young M.A. dropped off her new video for "PettyWap" a few weeks a go. 

Peep her rant below.