Young MA is looking to get to work on the remake of a classic motion picture. The rapper brought forth an idea for the reboot of the 1996-film Set It Off, which featured Vivica Fox, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith and Kimberly Elise. Back in the day, the film led to major commercial success by scoring $41 million dollars in box office sales against a $9 million dollar budget. Since its release, there have been talks about rebooting the movie with a fresh new cast. And although no confirmations have been made as to whether or not there will be a retake on the film, NY-artist Young Ma offered an interesting suggestion for the cast. 

The rapper took the suggestion to Instagram wherein she suggested herself under the role of Queen Latifah's "Cleo." On the other hand, Teyana Taylor was recommended for Vivica Fox's original role of "Frankie," the fired bank teller who served as the group's mastermind behind the robbery. Kat Graham was chosen to play "Stony" which was originally played by Jada Pinkett and was the only surviving character in the movie. Lastly, Keke Palmer was suggested for the role of "T.T," a character played by Kimberly Elise. 

Would you be here for the remake with these actors?