Where is Young M.A.'s full-length album, History In The Making? Of course, the talented New York lyricist has been in the game for a minute, delivering bangers like "Walk," and EP releases like HerStory. Yet fans have been holding out hope that her official debut would be arriving in the imminent future, a narrative looking bleaker with every passing day. Still, that's not to say she isn't hard at work on said album, honing the project to pinpoint precision. Case in point, M.A. took to Instagram to preview a new banger with blunt in hand.

The track features an eerie choir baseline, with, and this might be a surprise here, trap drums. The low-key dark sound has worked wonders for M.A. before, so it's cool to see her carving out a foundational sonic aesthetic. As the track progresses, the rapper boldly spits "fuck being humble," with a repetition suggesting a potential chorus. Overall, the track is promising in this brief form, and we hope to see the full version surface shortly. What do you think? Does M.A. have a hit on her hands?