Coming off the release of HERstory EP last month, Brooklyn spitter Young M.A. decided to pay a visit to the Hot 97 studios recently & chop it up with the good folks at Ebro In The Morning.

Sitting down for a lengthy 33 minutes, the female phenom opened up about her relationship with model/DJ Tori Brixx & how they met, breaks down the reason for passing on Fox’s show Empire, the state of NY rap, being yourself, hitting Summer Jam stage, & more. She even talks about the time she met Jay Z, but unfortunately not Beyonce.

“I didn't meet Beyonce man.” a jokingly saddened MA says. “I met Jay Z. I didn't get to see her. She was prolly in her dressing room getting pretty. You don't just get to the meet the queen. [The invite] was good enough.” MA says about opening for Bey on Formation tour.

She then added that meeting Jay Z was so humble, and one of the dopest experiences she’s ever had. "It was so humble meeting Jay Z. It was like a family member that you ain't seen in a long time or something like an uncle. Like ‘what up unc?’ you know what I mean?” She says. “When I seen him he was so humble. As if I was his niece or something. like ‘what up niece?’ He said ‘I like your smile. Smile, you make me want to smile.’ Hov apparently told M.A.

Watch all that & much more in the entertaining & informative interview (below).