Young M.A has the wiles of a seduction expert, somewhat unwittingly like when the capslock goes berserk. Take her latest Instagram musing as a fitting example of such powers. As you can see below, Young M.A was merely describing what she was getting up to on the night: "Top floor of the hotel.. smokin (green) in the bathroom put the shower on so it's no smell," she captioned next to a photo of her smoking a bowl on the bowl.

It didn't take Bella Thorne too long implicate herself, as the actress/model decided to use the most public channel to inquire about Young M.A's whereabouts. Her question was simple: "Where u at," a solicitation incurring a googly-eye response from the Brooklyn-bred rapper. By the looks of it, Young M.A did not expect Bella Thorne of all people to A) show an outward sign of attraction, B) get down with the Henny and Blunt Wraps crowd, of which she belongs.

The "sexual" solicitation was later reposted by the ShadeRoom, thus broadening the outreach of the non-story. To insinuate any type of bemusement from the social media crowd would be a massive understatement. Commenters on the ShadeRoom were over the moon with laughter at the thought of M.A inviting the actress to her telly, mostly because Bella Thorne is a perceived weirdo in the eyes of the public. But on less glistening note, 420 continues to bring folks together under the unlikeliest of circumstances. There's still no word on whether Bella and M.A took their exchange to the DMs, thereby making any further speculation into the matter a figment of NY Rap FanFiction for those inclined.