We've seen artists call out their fans for looking at their phones instead of watching the performance, but this may be the first time we've seen it the other way around. Footage of buzzing Brooklyn rapper Young M.A grilling a woman at a recent show has made its way online, showing the rapper repeatedly asking the fan why she hasn't brought out her phone to capture the performance. 

"Where's your phone? Why's your phone not out?" M.A says, getting increasingly agitated. "If you're in the front, you better have your fuckin' phone out."

"You been touchin' on me all night, where's your phone?" she adds, before suggesting that the fan leave the venue. "She gotta get out of here." As far as we know, the fan was not removed from the venue.

Since the video made the rounds, M.A has made an apology at another show, suggesting that her level of intoxication may have played a role in her decision to to grill the fan. "Just the other day, I fucked up. I was yelling at this girl that didn’t have her phone, right ... I won't lie, I was off the Henny," she said, sincerely. "I just want to send my apologies to that girl."