Young Dro isn't a name that pops up in headlines that frequently but when he does, it's typically not for the best reasons. Reports emerged earlier this month that he attacked his girlfriend with a plate of banana pudding. However, new details on the alleged incident have emerged recently. According to TMZ, in addition to weaponizing a plate of pudding against his girlfriend, it turns out he also aggressively hit her. 

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Dro's girlfriend detailed the attack to the police after the incident took place, even though she didn't want to charge him. She said that things began to boil up between them in the bedroom. She claimed that's when the rapper punched and bruised her. Later on is when the pudding attack occurred. She said that she was eating her pudding on the couch but the rapper took the plate and shoved it in her face. Things further escalated afterward when Dro allegedly grabbed a knife and began shredding furniture in the living room.

Dro's girlfriend pleaded with police to refrain from charging him but because of her bruise, which he previously claimed was a birthmark, they charged him with misdemeanor battery/family violence. Dro's girlfriend told police that he has addiction issues with Xanax, Ecstasy, Albuterol, Molly, and Percocet. But when he crashes from the high, he's prone to lashing out.