The story of Young Dro's recent arrest is pretty confusing. Yesterday (Jan. 22), Dro was arrested at the Atlanta airport and brought to jail. It was originally thought he was arrested for drugs, as police reported they found a controlled substance on his person. TMZ now reports that said substance was half a pill of Xanax. Dro posted bail this morning, and soon after, he called into TMZ Live to clear up what went down. 

Speaking with TMZ, Dro explained that he wasn't, in fact, arrested for drugs. Instead, there were preexisting warrants out for his arrest, and the TSA was somehow made aware of this after the rapper had passed through security. Dro wasn't exactly clear about what those warrants were regarding -- "for some tags on some cars that I had got registered back" -- but he said they are being taken care of by his lawyers. 

"Shout out to Mr. Schwartz," he said before signing off.