The music business has earned a reputation as a cutthroat industry, with a subdominant narrative suggesting artists are the first to suffer. We've long heard Lil Uzi Vert shout his frustrations from a proverbial mountaintop, a situation so extreme that questions of early retirement have already surfaced. Now, Young Dolph has taken to Twitter to voice similar irritations, albeit sparing any talk of hanging up the spurs. At least, for the time being.

You may recall that last summer, Dolph inked a partnership deal with Empire Records, which was reported to be worth eight figures. At the time, Dolph's doubts had yet to be voiced, though they likely remained internalized. Now, however, he appears to be at his wit's end. "The record label been bushittin," he writes, via Twitter. "They want let me drop any new music. I KNEW I SHOULDVE NEVER SIGNED THIS FUKIN DEAL."

He proceeds to let the fans know he forswore his established principles, not once, but thrice. Of course, who is the layman to judge, given that Dolph is, at the very least, attempting to forge his own path? "I have a confession. I signed 2 deals in 2018 and signed a deal in 2015," he writes, before vowing to "leak" whatever music he might be sitting on. Of course, seeing Dolph hit with a lawsuit would be the icing on the shit-cake, so hopefully cooler heads can prevail. We hope Dolph can weather the storm, as the game still needs him.