This week, R. Kelly shocked the world once again when he broke his social media silence, singing "Happy Birthday" to his estranged daughter in a video. Joann Kelly, who goes as Buku Abi, has allegedly not spoken to her father in years and many are seeing the video as a cheap attempt to gain sympathy from the public before he heads to trial. Kelly is currently facing ten counts of criminal sexual abuse and he's been clowned all over the internet for both this post and his interview with Gayle King. Young Dolph isn't with that though, instead choosing to leave him alone and call out all the blogs that have been speaking ill on Kelly's name.

"R. Kelly decided to sing 'Happy Birthday' to his daughter, and all y'all blogs want to make fun of him. That shit lame as hell," said Young Dolph in a clip posted to his Instagram story. "Let that man live his life. Let that man enjoy his kids, dawg. Y'all super lame." 

While Dolph isn't fully supporting R. Kelly, he does appear to be tired of hearing about every little move the singer makes. Especially about something as simple as a birthday message to his daughter. Dolph did not bring up the abuse allegations made against R. Kelly in the video, only the birthday video.