Earlier this year, Young Dolph made headlines as his music ended up getting two baristas fired from their jobs. Two employees at a Duke coffee shop played Young Dolph in the shop and ended up having their contracts terminated as a result, leading Dolph to fly them out to Rolling Loud Miami, bring them on stage and present them each with $20K. We're sure the gesture more than made up for getting fired, especially considering they got to hang with one of Memphis' most prominent rappers. While we have not heard much music from him this year, he's still providing us with constant updates. The latest shows him flexing his car for all of us to marvel over as the majority of us will never get to ride in a vehicle this cool.

Dolph flexed his Rolls-Royce Wraith for the 'gram today but unlike most RR owners who keep the classic black or white paint job, the recording artist decided to be a little bolder. I'll spare you a terrible joke about not being able to see the car but Dolph's camouflaged whip is incredibly badass. He captioned the shot by remarking his originality, writing, "who else u know fukn up Wraiths like dis.... it aint No Limit to my Cash Money." 

After giving out $40K to the two fired baristas and showing off his custom Rolls-Royce, we're inclined to believe him when he says there's no limit to his bank account.