Last week, Memphis-based rapper Young Dolph was shot multiple times in Hollywood, Los Angeles, while allegedly standing outside of the Shoe Palace. While Dolph ultimately emerged from the incident alive and well, it was a close call for the rapper, who spent some time in critical condition. Dolph took a few shots to the torso, and although things looked grim for a minute, Dolph tweeted out confirmation that he was indeed going to be alright.

While details surrounding the incident have yet to fully emerge, interestingly enough, Yo Gotti was briefly considered a person of interest. While Gotti's involvement has since been disproved, a man by the name of Corey McClendon was eventually apprehended and arrested by LAPD for his alleged involvement. It's a crazy situation, and we're pleased to see that Dolph emerged with his life in tact. 

As stated earlier, the shooting took place outside of The Shoe Palace, which is situated at the Hollywood and Highland intersection. Now, the 911 call made by one of the store's employees has surfaced, and it's provided by none other than TMZ. In the call, you can hear the voice of a male and female employees, who relay the situation to police. Ultimately, the employee manages to keep his cool, despite having a bullet-riddled rapper taking refuge in the store. Apparently, the call took place in a back office, where employees and customers took refuge after the gunfire popped off.

It's not exactly crazy, but it does go to show the chaos and confusion the situation caused, especially when you consider the fact the whole incident occurred in broad daylight. Suffice it to say, this Young Dolph shooting proves that the gang lifestyle can have fatal consequences, and we hope that Dolph can find a way to stay safe upon his return to health.