This past weekend served as a warm-up of sorts for the debauchery that is to come on the 4th of July. Things went south however during Young Dolph's concert on Saturday, July 1st, this past weekend.

Dolph, who has already had a tumultuous five months starting with the shooting in Charlotte, performed in Houston on the weekend. The concert ended in gunfire, according to various social media reports from those in attendance.

One Snapchat user was able to document the shooting mid-Snapchat. In the video clip, we hear Dolph performing his Yo Gotti diss record "Play Wit Yo Bitch," before the sound of gunfire rings out and commotion soon follows. In another clip from the same user, featured below, a fight breaks out prior to any guns going off-- likely the root cause of the shoot-out. It appears Dolph took the shooting in stride, having reportedly already left the venue once the chaos occurred.

We'll keep you posted on any developments about the night.

 [via XXL]