Hollywood and Highland. Home of the Chinese Theater, Marilyn Monroe impersonators, thousands of tourists, and a bloody shooting on a quiet Tuesday afternoon which left famed rapper Young Dolph in critical condition wounds and Yo Gotti as a rumored suspect.

Young Dolph, birth name Adolph Thornton Jr., born in Chicago but raised in Memphis, was rushed to the hospital on September 26, 2017 after reports claim he and members of his crew found themselves involved in a heated argument outside the Loews Hollywood Hotel with three unidentified suspects (LAPD has arrested and booked Cory McClendon on suspicion of attempted murder this morning). According to Officer Meghan Aguilar, the argument soon escalated into a fight where Dolph was knocked down on the concrete, and that’s when one of the suspects pulled out a handgun and began opening fire on the rapper. “Young Dolph was struck but was able to get up and run into a local business,” Aguilar said.

TMZ’s initial report concerning Yo Gotti as a suspect rocked the rap world and the media ran with the story. Yo Gotti’s entourage were staying at the same hotel, so it only seemed to make sense. For a single day, dreams (or nightmares) concerning a violent feud between a Memphis, Tennessee rap legend (Yo Gotti) and a rising star from the same city (Young Dolph) made headlinesacross the nation. It’s the east coast/west coast feud from the nineties on a smaller, regional scale. After years of hype, the ongoing battle for “King of Memphis” finally spiraled into a bloody affair.

Yet, thankfully, this morning, the rap world exhaled a sigh of relief after hearing the news that the Los Angeles Police Department denied Yo Gotti as a “person of interest,” in the shooting, clearing his name of all guilt, at least for the time being. But, why did everyone quickly point their blaming fingers at Yo Gotti?

A beef between the two Memphis, Tennessee rappers has been brewing for years. Their feud is a classic tale of the young guard attacking the old, established regime, trying to find their place in history. It’s a rivalry overflowing with passive aggressive tweets, interfering third parties, and diss tracks. It all started back in August 2014 when Yo Gotti tried to sign Young Dolph to his CMG imprint.