UPDATE: It turns out that this was a skit performed by Young Dolph's friend Grove Hero, who planned out the entire bit. Dolph's rep adds, "He opened the show that night with a stand up comedy routine then came back out for a late intermission to Dolph’s set. As part of the bit, he came out from backstage in his underwear right as Dolph started playing 'Juicy.' He pretended to interrupt the show and began inviting girls on stage then started twerking with them while Dolph pretended not to notice so that he could later turn around and act surprised before having him 'escorted' backstage.

Memphis rapper Young Dolph carries his weight in his city, sitting at the helm of his own Paper Route Empire. As he develops his artists and continues to expand on his own musical catalogue, touring is a must to keep the cash flow rolling in. The rapper has an exciting set, often bringing women on stage to show off their dance moves and, during a recent show, some people in the crowd thought that Dolph was being a little more inclusive than usual. That belief lasted just a few seconds before he realized what was going on and ordered security to take swift action.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Performing his twerk anthem "Juicy," Young Dolph had some ladies line up behind him to shake their asses as he performed. Unbeknownst to him though, a man wearing a pair of shiny booty shorts stood at the end of the row, struggle-twerking his way into the hearts of some fans in the crowd. At first, Dolph didn't notice what was up but the moment he realized what was happening behind him, he asked security to remove him from the stage.

In a video making its way around the internet, Young Dolph can be seen and heard ordering his bodyguard to exit the backstage area and deal with the situation on stage. The man runs out through a door before forcibly picking up the twerking man and bringing him to the back in an aggressive manner. Watch it all unfold below.