Chief Keef's signing with Interscope records was reportedly worth $6 million dollars, but while the figure made headlines at the time, so did the conditions. Keef's deal was signed under the impression that his debut album, Finally Rich, would sell 250,000 copies by December 2013. Statistics indicate that the rapper may have been just shy of that number, but whether it be related to the tally or not, Interscope decided to cut ties with Keef last month.

Young Chop spoke of the parting in a new interview with ForbezDVD, expressing that Keef did in fact fulfill his conditions, and pondered whether the label even had the right to drop the Chicago rapper. 

“What’s so funny about it [is that] his album sold what the fuck its requirements were supposed to be,” he said. “So how did they drop him? He sold 200,000. He recouped. I don’t know what the fuck [is] going on over there. His singles did good. Every single he put out did good and topped charts.” 

Chop goes on to describe Keef as one of the smartest people he knows, criticizing the media's portrayal of the rapper.

Watch the full interview below.