Earlier today, Young Chop, the 21-year-old Chicago producer, inseparable from the come-ups of young artists like Chief Keef and Lil Reese, posted a series of Instagram videos, in which he called out an unnamed establishment of older Chicago industry folks who have a penchant for taking advantage of Chicago's young talent. He then specifically called out Kanye West, claiming that he is guilty of using Chicago artists for his own selfish reasons. He went on to mention Keef and Vic Mensa, the successes of whom, said Chop, cannot be attributed to Kanye -- despite what the "I Don't Like" remixer might have the public believe. 

Chop began with a message to all up-and-coming Chicago artists: "Don't go against me. I'm here to help y'all motherfuckers." 

He then explained how young artists are susceptible to signing quick deals, usually for around $10,000, because they've never seen money before. "Don't take that shit. Go do you," said Chop

"They plottin' right now tryna' take me out. Cause I'm telling the truth. They don't like the truth," he went on to say. It's unclear exactly who he was talking about, but in the subsequent video, he (partially) explained a recent situation in which it seems he was intimidated while attempting to work with a certain female artist from Chicago. "I went to her house, and n*ggas came over there. That was fucked up." "SHE NO WHO SHE IS AND THAT WHY U GOING BE IN THAT BOX," Chop captioned the post. 

He then called out Kanye West. "And that n*gga Kanye don't make it no better, you feel me. He right along with the shits. Use you...try to soak up everything n*ggas know, get you to write songs for him, you know, and then don't call you after that. You know, fuck--," said Chop before the video cuts off.  


He continued in his subsequent video post. "Say for instance like 'Don't Like' and my boy Vic Mensa. Like, he gon'...make it seem like he put them on. And he really fucking didn't. N*ggas started from the bottom. You feel me?" 


He then proceeded to reveal that certain people had stopped him from getting a label deal. Chop is currently the boss of Chop Squad Records. Listen to his latest single, "Around My Way," featuring Vic Mensa and King 100 James, here