The possibility of a G-Unit reunion has been discussed exhaustively, with the G-Unit honcho, 50 Cent, saying recently that a reunion is a possibility, and following up saying it will not happen.  Game has even talked about it, and seems open to at least discussing the idea, going so far as to even start a petition.  Now Young Buck weighs in on Twitter and says he would like to a see all the members get together for a reunion. 

After dropping a new track to promote his artist Tha City Paper, Buck tweeted earlier today about getting G-Unit back together, “Fif Yay Lbanks game YB unit reunion,” and followed with “What would happen if the Unit Got back together??”

In the tweets he says that he is on good terms with Game, but has not spoken to Fif in over seven years, and would like to talk to the rap mogul.   Following with saying he wants to reach out to not talk business, but to make things right, “It’s Not About The’s bigger than that it’s about life and acknowledging your wrongs and moveing forward.. I was a Young Buck.”

Check out the series of tweets hinting at a G-Unit reunion below.