Young Buck Takes Advantage Of 50 Cent's Trolling By Dropping "Road Trip" Video

Alex Zidel
April 25, 2019 16:02

Young Buck isn't letting the trolls get to him.

Yesterday, 50 Cent decided to promote his old buddy Young Buck's upcoming project, telling the world that he worked hard on it. His former G-Unit cohort had previously blasted him for keeping his music on lockdown, not allowing him to fulfil his contract's obligations. Fiddy's promotional tactics were double-sided though because he decided to spread a transphobic message at the same time, clowning Buck for allegedly sleeping with a transgender woman. Buck hit back by threatening to ruin 50's entire career and today, he drove away from all of the nonsense by dropping a new music video and continuing his album rollout.

The rapper found a nearby desert and drove the Rolls-Royce out to have an impromptu video shoot. The video is pretty simple with many of the shots being of Young Buck standing in front of the car, mobbing out and rapping along to the track. At times, he and his crew hop inside the whip and ghost-ride. Filters and transitions were added in postproduction but the official release may have been rushed to take advantage of Buck's name being in the news.

What do you think of Buck's new video? You can't say he doesn't know anything about marketing because the timing of this is perfect.

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