A bankruptcy trustee has reportedly ignited a legal battle with Young Buck. The Tennessee native is no stranger to having trouble with the law as he was arrested in both 2019, but his recent set of worries come from allegations that he's refusing to turn over his royalties to settle debts. Just prior to the pandemic causing the world to undergo a global quarantine, Buck reportedly filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in January 2020. In documents, the rapper reportedly told the court that he made $4,450 per month while his monthly bills were $1,490.

According to Radar Online, Buck listed his "assets totaling $5,761 with liabilities totaling $48,316.20." It appears that the rapper reportedly owes over $45K in back child support, in addition to $1,250 "in taxes and other debts."

At the time, it is reported that Buck also stated in documents that he didn't have a vehicle and was using his girlfriend's car. A trustee was appointed to make sense of Buck's debts in order to help him get back on track, but the trustee now alleges that the rapper is making money from his ASCAP checks but refuses to use them in his bankruptcy. It is reported that those royalties are approximately $35K.

To add insult to injury, documents reportedly state that 50 Cent, Buck's former friend and longtime foe, may be one of his creditors. Young Buck has yet to respond to the lawsuit.

Young Buck
Ethan Miller / Staff / Getty Images