Young Buck has a bone to pick with Jay Hova.

The Nashville rapper just released his project, 10 Toes Down.

It may or may not have flown under your radar because its release date happened to coincide with JAY-Z's 4:44, and apparently Buck, who is more than likely joking, didn't take too well to the coincidence.

“I got a quick message for JAY-Z,” he hilariously began in an Instagram video towards the rapper and mogul. “Next time you see me dropping a album, get out my way dude. Quit buying up every got damn thing, bro. Let a young n-gga get his ass in Jay.”

 “I get up, turn on the got damn radio. JAY-Z whole album playing way in got damn Cashville," he continued. "N-gga, I dropped too n-gga. Get out my motherf-cking way, Jay. Salute n-gga, but got damn let a young n-gga eat.”

“#PublicServiceAnnouncement😂😂😂!!! NOW GO GRAB #10ToesDown👣 AVAILABLE NOW🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!!! #linkinbio📲💻," he penned in the caption.

Naturally, the arrival of 4:44 will likely have an adverse effect on the success of 10 Toes Down, especially given Jay's caliber. 

Nevertheless, 10 Toes Down is a solid body of work, and Buck wants to make sure everyone knows it.