Young Buck revealed a shocking bit of All Eyez On Me trivia in a new interview.

Speaking with DJ Smallz, the Nashville native said that, while Demetrius Shipp Jr. resembles 2pac almost perfectly, he was nearly put in that very role. "I think the guy who played Pac, we need to check his birth certificate," he said. "People don't know this, but I was supposed to play Pac. I was supposed to play Tupac Shakur [...] I actually was lined up as one of those guys that was considered to play 2Pac. I was almost told I was already given the role without the audition, until Pac himself came around."

Despite the near-miss, he doesn't seem to have any ill will towards the filmmakers or Shipp himself. "The guy who played 2Pac, you couldn't find a better person to play 2Pac. The man looked just exactly like 2Pac, and I felt like he'd done his homework enough to play that role, and he'd done a great job."

Watch the full conversation below.