Young Buck has been in the game for a minute. Those in the know still reflect on Straight Outta Cashville with fond memories, citing "Bang Bang" and "Stomp" as near timeless bangers. Now, with a solo album that may-or-may not be executive produced by Dr. Dre and 50 Cent in the pipeline, Young Buck continues his press tour with a stop at The Breakfast Club. Eloquent as usual, Buck brings no shortage of wisdom and anecdotes to the table, covering all ground of his cinematic come-up. Everything from the early days as a Cash Money affiliate to the eventual transition to G-Unit soldier are touched on. 

"I'm an open book," says Buck, after revealing that Juvenile was once almost signed to Death Row; imagine what might have happened in such a timeline. While there is plenty of fascinating material to be unpacked, an interesting moment arises around the twenty-three minute mark, when Buck details the origins of his falling out with 50. The way he tells it, 50 didn't exactly enjoy Buck's cordial demeanor with some of his enemies; the only problem was, 50 Cent's enemies made up half the game.

"It was kinda hard for me at times, he having certain beefs with individuals," says Buck, "and then I run into these individuals and they looking to give me all the love in the world when I'm looking to tear they heads off." He reflects that it was tough, especially given the fact that he had already forged a solid friendship with Jadakiss, only for "Piggy Bank" to drop two weeks later. 

For more from Young Buck, peep the interview below. It's well worth a watch, especially for those interested in hip-hop history.