The recent VLAD TV interview with Young Buck has been blessing OG hip-hop fans with a handful of classic throwback stories, particularly those relating to his time as a member of G-Unit. Following a dope story about 50 Cent's Get Rich Or Die Tryin' album cut "Blood Hound," in addition to why he left Cash Money after years of being on the label's back burner, Buck now gives us a little insight on why and how The Game was booted from G-Unit and the situation that acted as a beginning to an end.

Young Buck vlad tv interview The Game  G-Unit split kicked out
Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia  

The clip starts off with Buck and Vlad discussing the stabbing incident that led to a lot of people cutting professional ties with Buck, which led to many people either finding ways to work around him on records or pulling him off features altogether. The conversation then gets into the shooting incident that occurred at HOT 97, where 50 Cent had just announced on-air that The Game was no longer down with G-Unit. Vlad explains to Buck that 50's disrespect soon led to the gunfire by the camps of both 50 and Game, to which Buck agrees by saying,"you just basically explained the situation." The Straight Outta Cashville emcee further explains his position in the whole ordeal, confirming that he was loyal to G-Unit and as a result stood firm on the many lyrical assaults against The Game at that time. 

Buck credits that shooting at HOT 97 as the incident that started everything, which he says had The Game saying "fuck all of y'all" when it came to G-Unit moving forward. Ultimately though he says he can't confirm why 50 made the move originally to do Game so dirty on a public level, but credits it to nothing more than just business.

Watch the latest clip from Young Buck's interview with VLAD TV below to relive a wild time in early 2000s hip-hop history: