One of Young Buck's biggest songs of all time is called "Money In The Bank" but, according to new legal documents, he doesn't have much cash in his account anymore.

The former G-Unit rapper filed for bankruptcy recently, calling out 50 Cent and claiming that the star has not been paying him any royalties. After it was reported that he's only got $100 to his name, $100 in clothes and $100 worth of jewelry, Buck is requesting financial aid from his fans.

"Listen up world, I just seen in the headlines what they were saying, I only got $100 in my pocket, I only got $100 worth of clothes, $100 worth of jewelry — shit like that," said the rapper in a new video. "I figure now is the perfect time to go there and start a GoFundMe. Send me $1, that’s all I need. Just $1, man."

The campaign began this weekend after several news outlets reported on his woes. In addition to the GoFundMe page, Buck is also encouraging supporters to send him a dollar on his Cash App.

Considering the fact that he's been giving us tons of mixtapes for the last few years without asking for any money, it might be time to open up the pocketbook for him.

Will you be donating a buck for Young Buck?