Artists are finding increasingly inventive ways of releasing new music, as we've seen with Beyonce's suprise album, Jay Z's Samsung partnership, and Kanye West's street projections. Usher may have taken it to the next level with his new single, "Clueless" which will be available to the public through boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios.

Back in my day, you'd find a cheap toy at the bottom of your box if you were lucky, but apparently now you'll get a new song from an R&B legend. Details have not been released on how the single will be included, but it'll most likely be available as a download code.

If you're looking for these limited-edition Usher-branded Cheerios, you're going to have to hit up a Wal Mart, where they will be available exclusively. Now all we need is to see Usher opposite the Honey Nut bee in a commercial. Oh wait, that already happened.